A Week in My Life | Artist living in Paris, France VLOG

January 15, 2023

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Hello beautiful friends and WeLcOmE to a week in my life as an artist in Paris, France! I’m super excited to share this studio vlog with you because lately I have been getting a vlot of questions about my art process and about what it’s like being a self employed artist with many different income streams. If you’ve been following me since my art school vlogs, you know that I work with sculpture, painting and very messy mixed materials and that I don’t limit myself to ‘conventional’ ideas around self expression. I think a lot of people have a narrow view surrounding creativity and what ‘good art’ looks like, so I hope that this vlog can inspire you to have fun with your own art style and enjoy the process. If you saw my last video where I did a little art studio tour/life update, you know that I am in residence at Les Grands voisins in Paris this summer! I have felt so much peach, joy and gratitiude lately and I wanted to share that feeling with you. It has been really amazing being surrounded by other creatives and doing fun activities together like barbecues, apéros and art shows…I have also been working on my documentary series, a short film, paintings and trying out new materials like resin. As you will see in the vlog, no day looks exactly the same but that is the absolute beauty of the life of an artist. There are obstacles (my sculpture breaking for example, organizing my time, crazy people on the train) but also beautiful moments like dancing in my art studio every morning, getting my hands messy or randomly singing on the roof at 1 AM with some new friends. Remember that to be rich in life doesn’t come from having a lot of money, but from devoting yourself to your dreams and doing what you love.
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What is your job?
I am a visual Artist (sculpture, video, painting) and content creator 🙂

How long have you lived in Paris?
Five years!

What did you study?
I’ll have my masters in Fine art at a French art school at the end of 2021

What is your nationality?
I am American (but I am fluent in French and English)

What camera do you use and editing software?
Canon g7X & Final cut pro X

Can we meet?
I do organize meetups (in real life and online) through my Patreon page!

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