AfriKin Art Fair 2021

September 23, 2023

The 2021 edition of AfriKin Art Fair explores the literary work of James Baldwin “The Fire Next Time” (1963). AfriKin, curator of African arts and cultures presents works from artists highlighting African/Diasporic perspectives in contemporary art in an exhibition of renderings transmitting liberation and strength as it evaluates intersectionality through contemporary art. AfriKin Art Fair, is a consideration of the necessity and power of art for musing on the future, with the words of James Baldwin coming to mind … “God gave Noah the rainbow sign … No more water, the fire next time”.

AfriKin Art Fair symbolizes the realized potential of ethnic communities in applying themselves to a singular purpose — care for each other. This annual African art fair on the occasion of Art Basel /Miami Art Week, as a signature programming event for AfriKin, presents internationally acclaimed, literary and visual artists from across the African continent, the Caribbean, Europe and the Americas showcasing their cultural perspectives on African heritage.

Keynote Address – VIP Launch – Exhibition of Artworks – Traditional African Dance and Drum Performances – Jam Sessions and Jazz Music Performances – Speakeasy Poetry Lounge – Artists VIP Meet and Greet; Sponsored Curated Cocktail Bar, Palate Pleasing Sensory Experience of Culinary Art – Panel Discussions + Art Film Screenings.

Date: December 1st – 5th, 2021

Location: Miami Ironside, 7610 Northeast 4th Ct, Suite 104, Miami, Florida 33138


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About us:

The 501(c)3 nonprofit organization AfriKin is a social enterprise that curates African arts and cultures for the good of humanity. The term AfriKin is the fusion of two words — Africa and kinship. AfriKin creates programming designed to highlight the role of art and culture in human development and enrichment. AfriKin creates opportunities for positive interchange sustained by three pillars: academic articulation, artistry and cultural industries. AfriKin emphasizes cultural connection and kinship across ethnic lines.

AfriKin Art Fair Schedule:

AfriKin Art Fair opens to the public from 10 am to 11 pm​ Thursday, December 2nd through Sunday, December 5th to view art.

Wednesday 12/1 – 8 pm: Private VIP Launch of AfriKin Art Fair

Thursday 12/2 – 8 pm: Performance by Moonchild

Friday 12/3 – 7 pm: Film Screening: The role of the artist in society by James Baldwin

Friday 12/3 – 8 pm: Panel Discussion by the artists

Saturday 12/4 – 11 am: Breakfast panel discussion

Saturday 12/4 – 7 pm: Keynote Address: Saturday Night by Professor Dr. Maguèye Kassé

Saturday 12/4 – 8 pm: Panel by national scholars

Sunday 12/5 – 7 pm: Rose Water Dance by Michelle Grant Murray

Sunday 12/5 – 8 pm: The Wax: Contemporary African Fashion by Aida Diop NDiaye – Senegal