Anaïs de Lÿs Painting for Her Paris Fashion Week Performance Artwork

April 6, 2023

Anaïs de Lÿs painting on canvas for her Paris Fashion Week performance artwork.

For her performances, artist Anaïs de Lÿs (de Contades) wears her painted canvases to illustrate her revolutionary vision that “art is the new ‘mode ((( de vie )))’”.

Her performance works play with the codes of clothing with which we cover our bodies. It reconsiders clothing as protection from the elements, as a shield protecting our modesty, our internal psychosexual conflicts and as a display of social status. By wearing only her canvas, the artist puts herself at risk. This exposure perfectly represents both her fragility and force. The act projects the level of audacity required for a woman to take her place in the world today.

In an ironic twist, Anaïs de Lÿs describes her work as “contemporary art that is (( perhaps )) not actually meant to be worn”. In her ongoing series, “UN) (DRESSED” she appropriates products from the world of fashion and re-contextualise them for the world of art and vice versa. She brings another dimension to the materiality of clothing and transcends it to the spirituality of art.

Described as “ the art world muse and darling to the global art world elite”, Anaïs de Lÿs is a multidisciplinary artist creating artworks in a variety of media such as paintings, assemblages, videos and installations.
Her work features in numerous renowned international collections, among others, Beth Rudin DeWoody.

The artist often uses iconic items from well known brands such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Off-White as supports. She decomposes and transforms these articles of clothing to create “assemblages”, often using her signature red thread. Shoes, bags, and other accessories become works of sculpture. The classic pleated skirt is one of her preferred item, sometimes simply framed with minimum modifications.

Artist site :
Instagram : @iamanaisdelys


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