Art Basel 2021 Parcours

March 5, 2023

Art Basel Parcours is Art Basel’s sector for site-specific works unfolding in Basel’s Old Town. This year, Art Basel Parcours is curated by Samuel Leuenberger and features artworks by Bunny Rodgers, Thomas Bayrle, Klára Hosendlová, Guan Xiao, Erik van Lieshout, Claudia Comte, and many others.

Art Basel 2021 Parcours. Basel (Switzerland), September 23, 2021.

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Bunny Rogers: Neopets
00:34 – Claudia Comte: The Interview Painting Ensemble
01:54 – Esther Kläs: L+
02:19 – Mike Nelson: Untitled
02:46 – Thomas Bayrle: iPhone Pietà
03:28 – Yuli Yamagata: Sweet Dreams, Nosferatu
04:32 – Jason Dodge
05:55 – Hamish Fulton: Walking In Every Direction
06:28 – Les Innombrables: Digging a Ditch
07:00 – Klára Hosnedlová: Sakura Silk Moth
08:21 – Knut Henrik Henriksen: Staged Emotions
08:58 – Augustas Serapinas: Mudmen
09:40 – Guan Xiao: Egg, aged bruise
10:35 – Rodrigo Hernández: Nothing is solid.
11:38 – Solange Pessoa: Untitled
12:03 – Erik van Lieshout: Art Blasé
12:49 – Hanne Lippard: Gut Health

#artbasel2021 #artbasel #artparcours #basel

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