Art Galleries and Fresh French Friendliness

January 13, 2023

What comes Between Us – lovely getting out to an art gallery in Paris and running into some friendly Frenchies today. Check Clare out on Instagram here and help me make better videos at and then find me on the internet in all of the usual spots:

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My name is Jay Swanson – I’m an American writer living in Paris on an artist visa and hoping to make the city of light my home base – at least for the foreseeable future. I write science-fiction and fantasy, vlogged daily for 3+ years, and love pizza a little too much.

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How long have you lived in France? Almost four years now, holy cow.

What do you miss most about ho- NACHOS

You’re always talking about living on some ship. WHAT SHIP? – I made a “Draw My Life” video that explains a lot here:

Where are you from originally? – Pullman, Washington – a small university/agricultural town near Idaho (and yes, the potatoes are amazing).

What do you film with? – I’ve made a lot of changes recently, but I try to keep my gear list up to date if you want to see what I use and buy some for yourself:

What do you edit with? – Adobe Premiere – it’s pretty much all I’ve ever used since high school.

Aren’t you ever freaked out by leaving your camera behind to film yourself? – Yep. But not too badly – I tend to be careful when I do.

Why are you living in #Paris? – Because I’ve always wanted to; I feel at home here:

Do you speak French? – Oui.

Do you make money off YouTube? – Ha, sorta. I wish. It took me over 500 videos to make my first total $100 off adsense. I think it will slowly change, but VERY slowly.

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