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January 10, 2023

Would you like to make an apartment tour in Paris with us? Parisian art gallery owner Fanny Saulay invited us to her beautiful home which is located in the magical Île Saint-Loui. Fanny is the co-founder of the new generation art gallery WILO & GROVE. During our visit, she talks about her art gallery which have incredibly talented artists, interior design and her favourite art pieces at her French apartment. Get ready for a tour in her beautiful Parisian apartment in Île Saint-Loui.
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At Home in Paris with Stéphanie Delpon:

At Home in French Countryside with Philippine Darblay:

00:00 Let’s get to know the host Fanny Saulay!
00:28 An overview of the apartment
01:40 How did Fanny approach designing her space?
02:34 How did Fanny create different atmospheres in her rooms?
06:04 What’s Fanny’s favorite piece of furniture?
06:30 Why did Fanny decide to start her own art gallery?
07:56 What are Fanny’s favorite art works in her home?
09:44 How does Fanny start collecting art pieces for her home?
10:15 Final

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