DIY with plaster of paris p o p ❤ || Wall Decor Craft with plaster || DIY || Mira Creationz

August 25, 2023

#DIY #plaster
Easy and Very simple DIY home room decor with plaster of paris. Make casting leaves with plaster of paris very easily on a waste material. Decorate your wall with this simple weekend craft. Easy to make for kids and adults. Simple craft ideas with plaster of paris, leaves and thermocol / styrofoam sheet. Very very easy crafts for kids and adults and can do it as a family craft for weekends. In this video step by step procedure is given to make a beautiful home decor wall hanging with plaster of paris. This also shows casting of leaf with plaster of paris. Very simple method to make a craft with plaster of paris. POP handmade craft made easy for kids and adults to try at home during holidays.

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