How to mix Plaster of Paris – Satyen Sharma

January 27, 2023

Here I’m sharing not only the perfect ratio in which Water and Plaster of Paris should be mixed but also which component should go first.

Before knowing how to make Plaster of Paris mix it is important to know mixing materials behavior first. Otherwise no matter how precise one is can’t get the desired result.

It seems very simple mixing water with Plaster of Paris, but the twist is which everyone ignores that what should be mixed in what. Either A into B or B into A.

Because that will change the output of composition.

Here I’m sharing side by side what happens when one compound is put into other and vice versa.

What are the pros and cons of the same? Based on which one can decide what desired result one is looking for.

This tutorial is the best guide for making perfect
Plaster of Paris Solution.

Moreover, attached are some other links showcasing how this mixture can be used to create artworks such as a chocolate bottle.



I hope this tutorial gives a better understanding of the components and guidance how to use it.