Live performance at the Louvre Museum Paris (virtual reality art)

February 3, 2023

Like a revolution, virtual reality have entered The Louvre Museum!
Here is my 3D interpretation of the “Liberty Leading the People” (Eugène Delacroix), painted in VR with Tilt Brush.

Thanks to all developers, engineers, artists, journalists, well… all the VR community! Everyone who invested time, money and passion, everyone who believed in this technology and never gave up, and of course art lovers who are helping by sharing our VR creations!
There has been some up and down, but we are definitely making progress.

This is a new step in a fabulous era of incredible possibilities.
It doesn’t mean that we are now all VRzombies and that the real world doesn’t exist anymore!
Nothing can compare with the feeling you are embracing when dancing in couple, or the intensity felt when sparring with your martial art partner, real diving or flying with a paraglider where nobody can hit pause.
Virtual Reality is something more what we can add in creative way, that can help us to discover, study and understand.

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