Maria Alm – The International Contemporary Art Fair 2019 at Le Carrousel du Louvre – Paris

March 12, 2023

The International Contemporary Art Fair at Le Carrossel du Louvre celebrates its 25th edition. But the location, just under the Louvre represents many hundreds of years of culture. When you arrive to the inverted pyramide you have the entrance to the prestigious museum on one side and the entrance to the International Contemporary Art Exhibition on the other. It is very humbling and at the same time very exciting to be part of it.

The exibition has ~30.000 visitors during three intensive days. Galleries and artists from all over the world are represented in an eclectic mix of cultures, teqniques and individual expression. And in this boiling mix the ladies in my painting “ I feel joy” danced with all their heart. Spreading their joy to anyone that watched them. I felt and feel so proud of them.

The Universe is in all of us, and I think that moments like this, with so much good energy flowing, ignites a special spark of happiness and motivation. Sharing it with others make you feel part of something bigger. Art is for everyone, it starts with the artist, but since the final impact depends on the spectator, he or she is also an integral part of the creation.

The artist might be the ignition, but everyone that apreciates the art will give it life in their own way. Which is something wonderful and why I believe the art needs to be exposed to fulfil its purpose.

Going to Paris and the Louvre, showing my art to the world is me living my purpose. And I feel truly grateful and also very happy to continue this journey, through new adventures, new meetings, new paintings…

Thank you!


Gallery representing me at Le Carrousel du Louvre:

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