Napoleon III. apartments. Louvre museum at night. Denon wing- 4K video tour

February 11, 2023

The whole second floor of the Richelieu wing and part of the Sully wing are dedicated to French history: the July Monarchy, the Restoration, the Napoleon III. Apartments.

These are the most popular rooms in the Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts. They provide a realistic and unique representation of Second Empire fashion.

Great masterpieces in this video:
00:00 entry from Marly court
00:30 Stairs of the minister
00:45 Appartements Napoléon III.
01:45 Family salon
02:03 Grand salon
03:20 Theatre salon
03:36 portrait of Napoleon III.
03:43 Portrait of the Empress Eugénie
03:51 Small spiral stairs
03:59 The state dining room
04:25 Porcelaines de Vincennes et de Sèvres
04:42 Crown and diadem of Empress Eugénie
04:57 Emperor´s Decorative arts
05:06 Jewelry safe of the Empress Eugénie
05:15 portrait of Empress Eugénie
05:27 portrait of Empror Napoleon
05:35 Chariot led by Victory and bearing the genius of the arts
05:52 Throne of Napoleon I. of France
06:05 Empire vase in Egyptian style
06:19 French porcelains, period of the French Empire