Paris 6’s Art Galore: A Journey through the Renowned Galleries in the Area

July 8, 2024

Paris 6’s Art Galore: A Journey through the Renowned Galleries in the Area

Paris 6’s Art Galore: A Journey through the Renowned Galleries in the Area


Paris is not only known for its iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum but also for its thriving art scene. Located in the heart of the city, Paris 6 is a neighborhood that has become a hub for art enthusiasts, with numerous galleries showcasing a wide array of artistic styles and mediums. This article takes you on a journey through some of the renowned galleries in Paris 6, offering a glimpse into the cultural richness and artistic diversity that this vibrant area has to offer.

Galleries in Paris 6

Galerie Perrotin

Galerie Perrotin is a prestigious contemporary art gallery that represents both established and emerging artists. Located in the historic Marais district, the gallery spans across three floors and offers a dynamic program of exhibitions, featuring a mix of painting, sculpture, installation, and multimedia art. With a reputation for launching some of the most exciting contemporary artists, Galerie Perrotin is a must-visit for art enthusiasts seeking cutting-edge and thought-provoking works.

Galerie Daniel Templon

Galerie Daniel Templon, founded in 1966, has played a significant role in promoting contemporary art. With two exhibition spaces in Paris, including one in Paris 6, the gallery represents some of the most renowned artists of the 20th and 21st centuries. From conceptual art to pop art and abstract expressionism, Galerie Daniel Templon offers a wide range of artistic styles, making it a favorite destination for art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Galerie Lelong & Co.

Galerie Lelong & Co. is an international gallery known for its commitment to representing artists whose works address social and political issues. Located in Paris 6, Galerie Lelong & Co. showcases a diverse array of contemporary art, spanning across mediums such as painting, sculpture, photography, and video installations. The gallery’s emphasis on artists’ engagement with current global concerns makes it an essential stop for those interested in art that provokes meaningful conversations.

Galerie Perrotin, Daniel Templon, and Lelong & Co. provide just a glimpse into the myriad of art galleries scattered throughout Paris 6. Each gallery offers a unique perspective on contemporary art and has contributed to the rich artistic tapestry that defines the neighborhood.


1. Are these galleries open to the public?

Yes, all the galleries mentioned in this article are open to the public. However, it’s always a good idea to check their websites or contact them beforehand to confirm their opening hours.

2. Can I purchase artwork from these galleries?

Absolutely! The galleries in Paris 6 offer artwork for sale. If you find a piece that captivates you, the galleries will assist you in the purchasing process.

3. Do these galleries host any special events or artist talks?

Yes, many galleries in Paris 6 organize special events, artist talks, and exhibition openings. Keep an eye on their websites or social media pages to stay updated on upcoming events.

4. Are there any entry fees to visit these galleries?

Entry to most galleries in Paris 6 is free of charge. However, some exhibitions or specific events might have entrance fees. It is recommended to check the gallery’s website or contact them directly for any specific information regarding entry fees.

5. Can I take photographs inside the galleries?

Rules regarding photography vary from gallery to gallery. While some may allow photography without a flash, others may prohibit it altogether. It is best to ask for permission or check the gallery’s guidelines before taking any photographs.

6. Are these galleries accessible for people with disabilities?

Most of the galleries in Paris 6 strive to be accessible to all visitors. However, due to the historic nature of some buildings, there may be limitations in terms of wheelchair accessibility. It is advisable to contact the individual galleries for specific information on accessibility.

7. Can I bring children to these galleries?

Children are welcome in these galleries, and many exhibitions may be suitable for young art enthusiasts. However, it is essential to consider the gallery’s guidelines and the age appropriateness of the artworks on display.

8. Are there any nearby dining options?

Paris 6 is brimming with cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal or a quick snack before or after your gallery visit. These establishments cater to a range of tastes and budgets, ensuring there is something for everyone.

9. How do I get to Paris 6?

Paris 6 is well-connected by public transportation, including buses and metro lines. It is advisable to check the most convenient route based on your starting point using the public transportation system or to use ride-sharing apps for a more personalized experience.

10. Can I visit all the galleries in one day?

While it is possible to visit all the galleries mentioned in this article in one day, it may be more enjoyable to spread out your visits over multiple days. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in each gallery’s unique exhibitions and appreciate the diverse range of contemporary art on offer.


Paris 6’s art scene is a testament to the city’s enduring cultural legacy. With its diverse collection of galleries showcasing contemporary art, this vibrant neighborhood is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and collectors. From Galerie Perrotin’s cutting-edge exhibitions to Galerie Daniel Templon’s historical significance, and Galerie Lelong & Co.’s engagement with social issues, these galleries open a world of artistic exploration and appreciation. Take a journey through Paris 6’s art galore and experience the magic for yourself.