Paris Museums (Honest) Tour Guide

March 3, 2023

Explore the artsy side of Paris!

Everybody knows about the Mona Lisa, but in the latest installment of My So Called Guide to Paris, we show you that there’s more to Paris than just the Louvre (though we do spend quite some time there too!) Come explore some of the fun museums, classic museums, and downright strange museums that the city has to offer! See what’s worth it and what you might want to skip… we try to stay objective but we don’t exactly sugar coat our views. We top it off with trivia and tips along the way (that line skipping tip is a life saver!)

Featuring The Louvre, The Roding Museum, Palais de Tokyo, Invalides, and much much more!

Meet your Tour Guides:

Constantine Riviere – the Parisian native, singer-songwriter, and selfie addict

Nick Del Toro – the All-American tourist, bodybuilder, and pizza addict

Nicky Jolie – the lush, freeloader, and boy addict (she kinda looks like Nick huh?)

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