Paris+ par Art Basel | Unboxing | Maxwell Alexandre

January 26, 2023

Art handlers install a suspended work by Maxwell Alexandre for display at A Gentil Carioca’s Paris+ par Art Basel presentation. ‘Novo Poder’ (‘New Power’) is an outgrowth of ‘Pardo é Papel’ (‘Pardo is Paper’), made to explore the idea of the black community inside the consecrated temples where art is contemplated: galleries and museums. By understanding contemporary art as a field for the elites that concentrates great intellectual and financial capital, the series aims to draw the attention of the black community to these spaces that legitimize historical narratives. The series works with only three basic signs: black (the characters), white (the ‘white cube’ or exhibition space), and ‘pardo’ (art).

Maxwell Alexandre, from the series ‘Novo Poder’ (New Power), 2022, at ​A Gentil Carioca.

Produced and directed by Prismago and No Text
​DoP/Editing/Color: No Text
​Sound design: No Text