Paris+ par Art Basel | Unboxing | Nina Beier

January 28, 2023

Nina Beier’s toppled marble lions have left their designated spots guarding the threshold of buildings to greet visitors of the Musée du Louvre’s Jardin des Tuileries.
A cultural trope historically found across the globe, this unlikely pride of lions is a product of the messy journey of symbols pushed through global markets. Here, traditional iconographies of power encounter formal features borrowed from as disparate influences as Disney movies to Chinese Foo dogs, unveiling the collective, accumulative logic behind the production of our commodities and the imageries they convey.

Nina Beier, Guardians, 2022. Presented by Croy Nielsen and Standard (Oslo) as part of the Sites program by Paris+ par Art Basel.

Produced and directed by Prismago and No Text
DoP/Editing/Color: No Text
Sound design: No Text