TRIP TO PARIS (Versailles, Montmartre, Art Galleries & more!)

February 26, 2023

Trip to France, Paris – February 2022

This video is from previous year. It is exactly one year ago that I made this small solo trip to Paris alone. It was right after the pandemic and we were able to travel again (in a long while). So I decided to make this short trip to just get away.

I visited a few highlights in Paris, since this is my third time I have been in Paris I haven’t visit everything and explored new places I haven’t been to such as:

☞ Château de Versailles
☞ Montmartre
☞ Musée d’Orsay
☞ Le Marais
☞ Les catacombes de Paris
☞ Basilique du Sacré-Cœur
☞ Galerie de Paléontologie
☞ Aaand… of course The Eiffel Tower and Avenue des Champs-Élysées!

I can definitely recommend traveling to Paris by train, especially the Thalys is amazing and comfortable to travel with. I stayed in a hostel in the suburb Belleville which was really good as well and easy to connect by metro to get to the main city centre within 15 min.

Enjoy the video, thank you for watching!

Camera equipment:
– Canon 80D & iPhone13mini
– Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro

Music: Therapie TAXI – ‘Aline’

(I do not own the music, only for entertain)