Unbelievable DIY Art Hack: Get Ready to be Amazed! Home Wall Decor DIY Art with acrylics & Stencil

May 13, 2023

Amazing DIY Art Hack: Get Ready to be Amazed! Create a Unique Wall Decoration with Acrylics! A unique Contemporary Painting

Use a Stencil Overlay Technique and Create Stunning Rust Effects with Realistic Design!

Discover the Astonishing Results of This DIY Art: Create a Realistic Manhole Cover with Rust Effects and Impress Everyone!

Check out our DIY Art Tutorial and Learn How to Create a Breathtaking, Contemporary, and Conceptual Art Piece with Rust Effects: MANHOLE COVER Conceptual ART

List of supplies:

– 3D canvas 11,80″ x 11,80″ x 1,40″ in / 30 x 30 x 3,5 cm
– Stencils of your choice
– Sand, Gesso, Modeling Paste
– Palette Knife, Brushes, Masking Tape , Spatula, Squeegee, Sponge
– Acrylics Colors: Black, Grey, Burnt Umber
– Pigments: Cadmium Yellow, Indian red
– Rust Deco and Rust Activator from Les Frères Nordin
– Oil Paste: White

Video Chapters:

00:00 Video Introduction
00:15 Texture Process
07:04 Painting Process
14:07 Ready To Hang
16:05 Palais Royal Visit

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